Less time in your inbox.

More time for work  👩‍💻

Stop constant distractions with email scheduled delivery and benefit from filters that protect you from unwanted emails, notifications and other spammy-but-not-spam emails, increasing your productivity.

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InboxPolice brings sanity back to your inbox by enabling you to set specific times at which you get all of your email delivered — avoiding distractions — and by helping you filter out first time senders — ensuring only people you want get to your inbox.
in FOUR (er... three) simple WAYS

How we protect your inbox


Email Scheduled Delivery

How many times do you stop what you’re doing to check-in on your email? A study from Univ. of California, Irvine finds that it can take up to 23 minutes to refocus and resume the same productivity state after work gets interrupted. We help stop these intrusions, by grouping your email together and delivering them in batches at times you pre-set.

No worries, though, you can always force InboxPolice to immediately deliver your email and both your VIP addresses and emails with certain keywords jump straight into your inbox 🙌


First time sender filtering

How many times do you get emails that are “almost spam” but… not really spam? You know… newsletters you never subscribed, notifications or automated sequences from pushy sales reps? Wouldn’t it be great to just automatically skip these (and their unavoidable insistent follow-ups)? Now you can.

We’ll take every first time sender (people whom you never emailed before) and put them in a sort of quarantine. At your set frequency we’ll email you a summary of emails you got from first time senders — you can always open them — and let you decide what to do with them: engage or automatically reject in the future. 

You can choose to reject an address and just like that any email from that sender (or the entire domain) will be gracefully ignored in the future. Yup, you won’t even hear about them.

Coming soon: ability to set canned replies and send these with one-click rejecting whatever-they’re-trying-to-sell.

If you accept a certain address, all of his/her emails will automatically pop into your inbox and out of quarantine and you’ll see that address behave just like any other of your contacts — either being schedule delivered to your inbox or going straight there, if you chose to disable that feature.


Get Emails that matter

Ok, getting those precious hours of uninterrupted work and no intruders sounds good — but we wouldn’t want to let your SO or your business partner wait for hours or accidentally be caught in filters right? What about those account confirmation emails?

We got you covered! Special keywords let you set keywords that when present in a subject make that email jump straight to your inbox past filtering and scheduled delivery (useful for 2FA/confirmation/login emails). Also you can set your VIP list — and just like any good VIP list anyone there has guaranteed access to your Inbox, once again skipping through the hurdles of scheduled delivery and filtering.


More Coming

InboxPolice ultimate goal is to make email more manageable and less of a pain. On top of all of the above, we have a few features being tested that we’ll roll out in due time. 

Can’t wait? Take a sneak peek: 

when you try it, you'LL love it

what they say...

Feeling like you got your inbox back feels…good

As a founder, I get spammed all the time: off-shore talent, "partnerships" and what not. And they NEVER stop. InboxPolice brings me back to the driving seat and saved me countless hours.
Miguel Hullban
Being able to do work for 2 hours without getting interrupted by yet another Asana, Jira or Trello notification is amazing.
Olga Yuvchenko
Project Manager
Part of my job is being on-top of my inbox. But that becomes incredibly time consuming and I end up getting nothing else done. With InboxPolice I'm able to finally get focused time and send away pesty spammers.
Tatiana Wall
we know email is sensitive

Privacy is at the core

InboxPolice was designed to only collect the info we need to make the service work and we will never share (or sell 🤮) your info. Want to delete your account? We’ll fully delete it from our system — no shady soft deletes.

Limited Usage

We only ask for the Gmail/Outlook permissions we need and even then we only collect the info we really need. Let’s be honest, we don’t dig the pressure either — so we’ll collect the fewer amount of information we can. See exactly what on our Privacy Policy

Goodbye is Goodbye

Not happy with your fellow police officer and ready to say goodbye? We’re sorry that you didn’t found the value we thought you would in InboxPolice — but we got you. If you choose to delete your account we’ll wipe clean any trace of your account, including all information and analytics. And we won’t send emails with sad smiley faces or make you jump 10 hurdle and one phone call to cancel either. One button.

No Selling. No sharing

Making money is good. Do you know what’s best? Gaining the trust of your users so you can keep making money. 

InboxPolice is a paid product so that you don’t become the product. We’ll never share or monetize any data from our users (even anonymized). 

works well with others

Use SuperHuman? Polymail? Apple Mail? Any other mail client? We got you covered! All you need is a Gmail (Google Workplace supported) or Outlook (Microsoft 365 supported) account.


Not complicated.
Not crazy expensive.
But paid.

Email is serious business. And this is why we take it serious. InboxPolice charges a fairly priced (agents aren’t supposed to extort you 😉)  annual fee to offer the scheduled delivery, smart filtering and VIP lists functionality you deserve. 

And because you’re an early supporter you’ll also get access to all of the future functionality we’ll launch at no extra cost. 

What if you were told having a sane inbox costs $0.17/day? No catches.

Please contact us for Team Plan discounts or to activate monthly billing.




(or $9/mo)

Saving Hours

We’re saving hundreds of hours for the hundreds of users that leverage InboxPolice to protect their inboxes.

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